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"This game is torture"
★★★★★ cpiod

foodlab, the ultimate physics-based food photography simulator, has finally come! the best thing that happened to the world since sliced bread! the newest trend in gastrophotography *checks encyclopedia* ...food photography!

  • play with your food with no regrets!
  • 50+ food items and kitchen paraphernalia!
  • slow food, fast food, average speed food, we have it all!
  • ultra HD high quality 3D graphics extra raytracing!
  • combine foods together to create new ones, like white chocolate, chocolate cookies, or cheese pizza!
  • unique physics-based intuitive gameplay!
  • build the ultimate pancake tower!
  • prepare a delicious looking dish in 5 unique settings!
  • are you on a diet? no calories included then!*
  • chill hifi beats! sit back and relax!

*clears throat*

foodlab is a project that I've been tirelessly cooking up for the last month. what started during PROCJAM 2019 as an attempt at an idea that I had for a long time, sucked me in for three more weeks and turned into this lovely little game thing that I present to you today.

the original idea was to make a thing that allows for combining food items to create new ones. as I was making this project I realized that even with pre-made assets, it's a lot more effort than I imagined. also, it's nice to have something more than just the system itself.

so this is a prototype of sorts, to test the water (it's boiling (ouch)). all feedback is welcome. if there's a thing you don't like, or a bug you encounter, let me know in the comments! I'll be more than happy to read what's on your mind. I like reading minds.

and feel welcome to share any photos you take! I can't wait what to see what all of you daredevils come up with. if you're doing Twitter, remember to use the hashtag #foodlabthegame — I checked it, it's available, and now it's ours.


warning: may require a high-end compuper. not sure. but I have a feeling. be warned.

* playing with foodlab may cause an increase in appetite, body fat percentage and an occasional "awww now I'm hungry" reaction. not supported by research. don't sue me.

Install instructions

! skip this if you don't use a mac !

are you downloading the Mac OS X version?

if you get an error like this:

it's because I don't own a mac. sorry! it's safe though. just open it by right clicking/command clicking/control clicking/secondary clicking. yes, I said I don't own a mac.

if you're still having trouble, or need more information about this, follow >this< link.


foodlab — Windows 75 MB
foodlab — Mac OS X 80 MB
foodlab — Linux 86 MB

Development log


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If you skip the tutorial you can figure it out on your own, but if you can't you'll question your worth as an adult.


the Dark Souls of food games

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awww now I'm hungry :(

I feel like a grand chef who is also a photographer and yet only eat junk food.


In which game can you make a cherry made of cherries? #foodlabthegame

there is no other, there will be no other

foodlab foodlab foodlab