Controls (default):

  • arrows: movement
  • left CTRL: action

OVERFISHED is a game loosely based on a similarly called game about frantic cooperative food preparation. In OVERFISHED, you are Sam Fisherman, a fisherman on a quest to catch all the fish in the lakes of this world! Sadly, Sam Fisherman has tiny hands, and so he can only do one thing at a time. Yes, what an excruciating disability. How much fish can Sam Fisherman fish if a fisherman can fish fish? That's for you to find out, in the world of OVERFISHED!

This is a game made for the Weekly Game Jam 101, the theme of which was "After the Storm".

What do I do:

Collect worms to use them as a bait, or store them in the bucket for later use. To pick up a worm, put a bait on a hook, put a fish or worm inside the bucket, simply press the action button. To collect a fish, hold the action button until the fish is caught. Try to catch as much fish as possible before the timer runs out. Remember, you can only hold one item in your hands at a time!

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